Art by Jackie vanO

Art by Jackie vanO

my latest art

pink flower with purple flowers and some blue

brown and blue cat with some yellow

green lime with red apple and brown pepper grinder

terracotta and tropical agaves with some pink

back of a gold cats head with some brown

gold curtain melting onto cake

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More of my Art

black branches in the lavender blue wind

still life with pink apples and yellow bananas

purple and pink flower with some orange

gold landscape with tree and blue sky

pink glass with some blue and gold

red rose and green leaf with some brown

gold dandelion with some black and green

gold leaves with some green and brown

beautiful pink flower with some green

black branches in the blue wind

orange pumpkin with some blue and pink

blue and purple flowers with some black and green

avocado with apples and mandarins in a bowl

orange thing in the corner with some purple

bowl and tap with a gold wall

gold tiger with black lines and some blue

cat and a pink wall

gold horizon and wild blue sky

lavender flowers with blue petals and some pink

garlic and orange onions with some blue

gold roses with green leaves

back of a cats head with some blue

abandoned orange pots with some blue

gold tree with green trees

little white moon on the black sea

gold dish with chocolate in the shadow of a glass bowl

pale pink flamingos with some blue

pink flower with black lines

bee on pink clover flower and green leaves

strong pink rose

pink sky with lavender clouds and the dark sea

red apple and gold apples in a blue bowl

peacock tree and pink sky

wild pink and orange rose under the blue sky

red rooster with some blue

wild blue sea under the lavender sky

lemon wine glass and fork

blue apples and pink bananas

pink flamingos and green leaves

pink and red rose petals

blue peacock on pink bark

yellow and green sun on the blue sea

turquoise dandelion flowers with lavender

turquoise dandelion flowers with burgundy and pink

orange and yellow cat

green apple with gold apples and orange mandarins

pink and red flower with some gold

pink flower

little blue daisy in the green grass

green leaves with some pink

sleeping orange and black cat with some blue

leaning ice cream of gold

lemon glass and fork with some gold and orange

beautiful orange pumpkin with some blue and pink

pink flower with a gold heart

orange cat with some orange and pink

lavender and pink giraffe

green leaves with some turquoise

blue sea in the blue wind

green pine tree in the blue wind

dark red roses with some pink

pink blossoms in the green wind

orange cat in an orange pot

island and wild blue waves on the rocks

gold trees in the blue wind

brown branches with some lavender

cat and a gold wall

gold chocolate chip muffins

lavender and pink flower

red flower and green leaves with black lines

trees along an apricot path

pink flower with purple flowers

red rose with green leaves

gold lemon and fork

yellow flower and blue flowers

white moon on the dark sea

green agave and dark blue pebbles

tree breaks the blue sky

cake with yellow icing

gold lilies in a terracotta pot

orange cat with some blue

yellow bananas and red apples

orange pumpkin with some blue

pink giraffe

tree fights the wind and blue sky

red flower in the shadows and bright green leaves

hot pink dandelion flowers with golden green

hot pink dandelion flowers with grey green

red and orange cat

about my art

I'm an expressionist artist. My art is abstract and my favourite art is expressionism. My art has a lot of colour in it and some heavy areas of black. My favourite artist is Chaim Soutine. I love everything about his work - the vivid colour, his wild brush strokes, the emotion and distorted perspective. He really put himself into his art.